Dear Parents,

Welcome to our homepage! We are happy that you are visiting our website and consider our In-Home Daycare for your child. Please look through our website and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question. We hope you like what you see!


What we do?
Angel Care provides you a unique In-Home Daycare service. The age range we are focusing on is newborn-toddler because of the amount of experience we have with that group.
Angel Care
Why visit us?
The reason why we are unique is because we try to teach children educational, fun activities at such a young age! Don\\\'t forget to make an appointment before you stop by and visit us!
Angel Care
How to enroll?
We offer a full-time and part-time program for your child. Please take a look at our Tuition FeeĀ“s to see our rates.
Angel Care

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Our son loved staying with Natasha, she was our nanny for quit some time. She is full of energy and we knew that when our son was with him he was very happy. He would get very excited when he would see her and that was what mattered the most to me. The fact that my son was so happy , and not cry when I would go to work.